That ol’ Gazpacho feeling

June 9, 2006


Originally uploaded by tostadora.

The new veg box came today – bursting with bright, red, fresh plump summer veg. I had the day working from home – sitting in the kitchen with the early summer sun streaming in. Everything was pointing to one thing – gazpacho.

I rooted around in various recipe books for a good recipe – some were very simple – just tomatoes, olive oil, vinegar. I wanted to use more of the veg box goodies so half-followed a Jane Grigson recipe. Here’s the basics…

Peel and roughly chop tomatoes and cucumbers. Just chop a red pepper or two. More or less the same amount of each veg. Add strong olive oil and red or white wine vinegar – a few tablespoons of each. Season well. Chop a clove or two of garlic – to taste. Add some white bread (stale preferably) – I just added a pitta bread as that’s all we had in the cupboard.

Blitz everything with enough water to make a slightly grainy textured soup – leaving it thin enough to drink out of a glass. Re-test the amount of salt and vinegar – I like a generous amount of both. Serve in a wine glass, perhaps with ice if it’s a really hot day.

Enjoy in the garden, while glancing through photos of old holidays in Andalucia.

One Response to “That ol’ Gazpacho feeling”

  1. Chemakh Says:

    Salut tt le monde, pour votre cv essayez ca

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