The new Riverford summer vegbox

June 10, 2006


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This week we've swapped from the bog-standard medium veg box to the new summer box. In practice, we've exchanged the unglamorous British root veg for the shiny, flirtatious salad veg.

It feels like we've jumped from the English winter to the Mediterranean summer for an extra couple of quid a week – far cheaper than easyjet, and easier on the conscience.

The summer box this week contained: bunched onions, summer greens, cucumber, tomatoes, red batavia lettuce (lollo rosso?), mushrooms (feels more like an autumn veg to me), courgettes, red peppers, butternut squash and celery (the latter was meant to be mixed sprouts).

Compare with the more solid 'pleasures' of the medium box we cancelled – carrots (aaaghhh), potatotes, onions, beetroot, tomatoes, batavia lettuce, mushrooms, kohl rabi, squash, celery.

Actually, the now I compare them more closely, there's not much difference…. hhmmmmm…..

I still think it was worth changing – if only because the peppers and cucumber inspired me to throw together a gorgeous, garlicky and oh-so-seasonal gazpacho.

6 Responses to “The new Riverford summer vegbox”

  1. Cloggie Says:

    Isn’t it amazing that only a couple of different ingredients and more colour (red batavia lettuce) can lead you to believe you are entering a more exotic stage in the veggie boxes. I really like the sound of your gazpacho though, will be giving it a try.

    I was having a no more red cabbage conversation similar to your no more carrots one last week (which led me to this blog) and have since changed suppliers to Riverford hoping that they will at least provide more variety week on week or failing that, different produce to inspire other recipes. Braised red cabbage with apple and a hint of cinamon went down a treat the first time, but how often do you really want to eat red cabbage?

    My first box arrives this week, so time will tell.

  2. vegboxdiary Says:

    Cloggie, are you excited about your new Riverford box? Which one have you gone for? I’m keeping fingers crossed for globe artichokes this week. Also checking out the Fruit box for the first time – its a veggie box bonanza!
    I hear you on the red cabbage issue – those huge purple time bombs kept rolling in through the winter. Relentless and pitiless. It’ll be a few months before we have to face them again.
    Keep me posted on your veg box adventures!

  3. Cloggie Says:

    My first veggie box is a treat! I went for the mixed fruit and veg one and the best thing about it is the lushing juicy strawberries! It also had a Melon, Appples, Avocodos, the largest lettuce, cucumber, tomaties, spring onions, mushrooms and ginger. Obviously its all new and very exciting but if this is the type of selection you get on a weekly basis, I’m well impressed. Bye bye carrots and red cabbage (at least for the meantime..)!

  4. Cloggie Says:

    Oh dear, the excitement has led to lots of typos in my previous post! Better have a strawberry to calm down….

  5. vegboxdiary Says:

    That sounds like a great first Riverford box – might have to try out their veg and fruit box sometime soon. I like the touch of including ginger – its nice to find something a bit unusual lurking in the bottom of the box. Let me know what you do with all these good things.

  6. Kinson Says:

    If only Riverford delivered to our area now – we will have to wait until September to try them out.

    Or perhaps I can create a time machine out of all these carrots and red cabbage….

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