Piperade: posh scrambled eggs

June 13, 2006

Making piperade
Tuesday dinner

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London bakes in a sweaty smogy heat. The tube is hell. I need cooking therapy. I get home and look in the fridge – a big plump shiny pepper is sitting up and begging to be eaten.

This beauty deserves special treatment so I turn to the inspirational 'Roast Chicken and other stories'. This book is as good as everyone says it is, if not better. It falls open at a recipe for piperade – a kind of posh scrambled eggs from the Basque region.

I have distant memories of whipping up endless dodgy piperades in a microwave during my days as a KP (kitchen porter for the uninitiated) back in Derbyshire. Its time to revisit an old friend and make amends.

Here's what I did…

Skin peppers and tomatoes and chop, also chop a small amount of garlic and put together in a bowl. Fry some thin bacon bits or rashers until crisp, put to one side. Fry up some croutons using some dense bread and olive oil, also put aside. Whip up 2 eggs per person.

When you're ready to eat, heat olive oil in a nice heavy pan, add the pepper-tomato mixture and the eggs. Stir over a low heat – you're making posh scrambled eggs – of course you know what you're doing. Season well and add chopped herbs if you've got them – I added chives and coriander which worked most fine and dandy. Stir in the croutons. Serve up and sprinkle the bacon on top.

We both agreed it made a fine light and refreshing summer supper.

Optional extra for world cup gastro-hooligans – smother the whole thing with half a litre of Great Britain's finest Daddy Sauce.

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