Pancakes and strawberries

June 21, 2006

Pancakes and strawberries

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Last week's strawberries were starting to go past their best so we decided to make a tart-sweet sauce to go with pancakes. The pancakes were an essential for tonight's dinner as I had gone hunting at lunch for a dedicated pancake pan. Another life ambition fulfilled. A pan JUST for pancakes.

Cara and I battered and flipped and folded and tossed like a pair of kids on pancake day. It reminded me of the old woman who ran the first nursery I went to as a young child – she was famous for flipping a pancake that stuck to the ceiling. Not much of a story I guess, but for some reason this made a massive impression on me as a kid – transforming this old lady into a mythical fairytale figure in my young eyes.

For the sauce, we hulled the strawberries then simply added them to the pan with a few tablespoons of sugar, a squeeze or two of lemon and – the secret ingredient – a splash of whiskey. Simmer until syrupy. Roll the berries up in a pancake and pour the sauce over. Would have been perfect with thick cream but we didnt have any…

Watering the plants, playing a good game of scrabble, eating pancakes for tea. A grand evening in a quiet way.

One Response to “Pancakes and strawberries”

  1. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Yes, the mythical fairytale developer! If I had known this while I was still at the V&A… you are lucky Toaster.

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