Riverford’s organic meat box

July 5, 2006

Now here’s a little nugget of joy for all you Riverford groupies of the carniverous variety: they also deliver organic meat boxes.

Our favourite local Riverford franchisee Nancy wrote to say:

“A quick thought, Toby, re: your blog entry for 17 June. We are hoping to be able to supply organic meat as well soon, but whilst that is still in the planning stage, you can get it from http://www.riverfordmeatbox.co.uk.”

I’ve checked out the website briefly and it makes happy reading: lots of good info about the breeds of animal reared, how long the meat is hung for and all that Hugh Fearnley-whatshisname stuff.

We’d definitely give it a go except… except… we’re a anxious about leaving meat outside all day, particularly over the summer. Also delivery charges are, understandably, quite steep away from the Devon heartland of the Riverford empire.

Nonetheless, we’re tempted to give it a go. Even the most committed veg-boxer occasionaly craves a thick, bloody wedge of rump steak to sink his teeth into.

5 Responses to “Riverford’s organic meat box”

  1. Kinson Says:

    Why not get the box delivered to your work? I’m sure your co-workers won’t mind a box of well hung meat in the office just for one of these hot days.

  2. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Oh, dear… Now he will adopt a meat box… You clearly need to get yourself a pet, Toaster.

  3. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    What a great idea, Kinson. I am SURE they won´t mind that at all…

  4. margesimpson Says:

    if youve got a freezer,do what i do,order enough for the month ,then the £5 delivery charge isnt that steep. the food is wonderful and the packaging is very good i think it would withstand a good few hours outside.there are timings on the website for how long the box keeps cold,my box arrived at half past nine am.

  5. gastropunk Says:

    margesimpson, that’s useful to know about the packaging keeping the meat cool – shows that it pays to read website text as well as just look at the pictures. i’m very tempted to try it out, once we’ve polished off all the meaty goodies from our last farmer’s market trip.

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