Triple-word-score chicken dinner

July 6, 2006

Scrabble dinner

There are mushrooms growing out of our bathroom ceiling. It’s got so damp from a leak in the upstairs flat that big bumptious funghi are sprouting. I suppose they’re organic. Maybe I should get the Soil Association round to certify them. The insurance man came round to look and said he hadn’t come across ceiling mushrooms for years. We’re honoured, I suppose. It’s tempting to fry them up with garlic-injected butter, but we’ve resisted the temptation up to now.

We’ve had a lovely bag of ultra-snappy sugar-snap peas keeping bright and perky in the veg tray. I splashed out on some M&S chicken legs (organic, naturellement). I de-boned them and bashed them flat, then rubbed oil, salt, pepper and loads of paprika into them. Got a grill pan all hot, bothered and smoking and slapped the meat on. Once the meat was done and resting I steamed the peas briefly so they still retained some backbone. De-glazed the grill-pan with some stock. Served it all with strong peppery salad leaves from the garden, dressed with a balsamic and tarragon dressing. Came together nicely.

I was soundly thrashed at scrabble by maths chick who came good with the 7-letter bingo LIGHTER. It’s about time the luck turned her way. I’ve been on a flukey winning streak ever since our Spanish camping trip. Been getting cocky, to be honest. Now I’m off to check on the progress of my mushroom crop.

One Response to “Triple-word-score chicken dinner”

  1. Andy Pandy Says:

    I would check to make sure the fungi are edible first, never mind getting them soil association certified. The ones that grow best in bathroom ceilings are ratuspoisionus. Better to grow wineuswhiteus in the cellar or former coal hole.

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