Saturday’s Riverford delivery

July 8, 2006

Riverford delivery

Our boxes arrived nice and early this morning. The new delivery day of Saturday is good when we’re at home because we can get everything very fresh into the fridge. I suppose we might have to cancel the boxes if we’re going away for the weekend.

This week’s veg box has arrived exactly as advertised:

  • hispi cabbage
  • cos lettuce
  • courgettes – an unusual squat, globe-shaped variety
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes – not particularly ripe
  • kohl rabi – maths chick’s going to make a salad with these…
  • swiss chard
  • sugar-snap peas
  • calabrese

The fruit box came with apricots, water-melon, plums, bananas and apples. We’ve still got three-quarters of a melon left from last week. Not the most inspiring of fruits, all watery and bland and studded with pips. Nice cheery colour, though. And satisfying to slice with a big knife, pretending you’re an adventurer swinging a machete in the jungles of Bolivia.

5 Responses to “Saturday’s Riverford delivery”

  1. Kinson Says:

    It’s good to see very little plastic in your box. We use Abel & Cole (Riverford don’t deliver to our area yet) and this week there were THREE plastic boxes and TWO plastic bags. Maybe organic, but not very environmentally-friendly 😦

    [And all of the fruit except for the strawberries were presumably all non-UK grown]

  2. vegboxdiary Says:

    Yeah, and I think delicate veg and fruit keeps better in the cardboard punnets than in plastic boxes. I can’t remember – do Abel and Cole ask for their boxes back to be re-used?

    I think a fair amount of Riverford fruit and veg comes from abroad. The carrots are currently from Spain until the British new season crop is ready to harvest. The potatoes are from Brittany. Mind you, all the veg in our summer box is from the UK.

  3. Kinson Says:

    Good thinking – I have emailed them to ask if they do re-use the plastic boxes – and if not, why not. As ‘jewellery chick’ says, if enough people ask, eventually they get the message.

  4. Sally Says:

    Down feel downbeat about the melon seeds – did you know that in Japan they eat their watermelons ‘seeds and all’? I’ve tried it and it’s pretty good.

    And, in China, they apparently also eat the skin … waste not want not!

  5. jane Says:

    From what I’ve seen the Chinese are huge watermelon fans but I’ve never seen anyone eat the skin! Maybe it’s popular in a specific region?????

    Kinson got a reply from Abel and Cole about the plastic containers….. “the plastic can be recycled” was their helpful customer focused retort!! But as he says – what about the energy used in the recycling procedure?? Also what do we do when our local council doesn’t collect plastic??

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