What’s in the box?

July 16, 2006

Riverford Summer box

Originally uploaded by tostadora.

Broad bean season is still in full swing, judging from this week’s box. Two cheeky red peppers, a mini cucumber and a punnet of tomatoes suggest it’s time for Gazpacho Revisited.

The most exciting addition to this week’s vegbox is half-a-dozen stems of alert-looking rhubarb. Interesting that these arrived in the vegbox and not the fruit box. I know that in theory they are a vegetable, but they’re rarely cooked as a savoury in England. I’ve got an intriguing Jane Grigson recipe for rhubarb and ham soup. I might try it, although Maths chick has her heart set on rhubarb crumble for Sunday dinner. And who can blame her?

10 Responses to “What’s in the box?”

  1. FactoBrunt Says:

    We got a load of beans in our small box this week. Our pepper was enormous.

  2. CooksTV Says:


    Love your blog, I predict plenty of visitors following the plug in the newsletter of this weeks veggie box.

    Like you, was surprised with the rhubarb in the veg box, and made rhubarb chutney as a change from rhubarb crumble (now all jarred and ready to eat). But I’m intrigued to find out how the rhubarb and ham soup went, and please can you send me the recipe?

  3. gastropunk Says:

    Hi CooksTV, glad you like the blog. Unfortunately, Maths chick made off with the rhubarb before I could soup it. I forgave her eventually as she put it in one of the finest crumbles I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Next time there’s Rhubarb in the box I’m going to basgsy it for the ham soup. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. You can also find the recipe in Jane Grigson’s wonderful Fruit Book.

  4. Andy Pandy Says:

    Go the whole hog, and have the ‘Fruit & Veg’ box. ours is delivered on a Wednesday, and apart for the apples, which do tend to mount up when they are small – we still eat only one a day each,- the two of us have sufficent for the whole week – just spuds & carrots to buy. Although we do tend to add home grown toms & rocket (& herbs). We do not seam to have any gluts to have to turn into chutney or the like. Just it can be difficult working out a menu incorporating courgettes and swiss chard with lettuce & beetroot. Often by Monday it is Vegbake to use up the odds!

  5. Woodend Mum Says:

    I made rhubarb muffins with half out rhubarb and mini-crumble with the rest. I keep a plastic box of ready made crumble mixture in the freezer for just such eventualities. The rhubarb muffins had almonds in too.

  6. gastropunk Says:

    Mmmm, rhubarb muffins sounds great. Maths chick loves cooking that kind of thing. The old crumble mix in the freezer is a great stand-by. My mum always had pots of crumble all over the place, some of which are probably still there 15 years later.

  7. gastropunk Says:

    Andy Pandy, those everything-but-the-sink recipes are really useful towards the end of the veg-box week. We’re hoping our new juicer will also provide an effective way of avoiding chucking our expensive organic veg in the green Haringey-council compost bin.

  8. Woodend Mum Says:

    Well I’m a maths chick too – I knew we maths girls were often keen knitters but I didn’t know we had muffins in common too. I can’t make them this week because my son is home and he’s allergic to nuts… I also make a lot of soup, and tried to use up half a butternut squash in lentil and carrot soup but my daughter (who doesn’t like them) guessed where I’d hidden it.

  9. gastropunk Says:

    Woodend Mum, if you’re having difficulties using up your butternut squashes I know a kind and loving home willing to adopt them…

  10. Andy Pandy Says:

    Woodend Mum. Try roasting the BNS and then mashing it with the carrots. I expect the lentils pull out the BNS flavour! Not too sloppy, leave some bite in it. It fools most people, as the flavour of the carrots is enhanced and the colours are similar. Great with a slow roast beef/pork pot roast. – Sorry, its the Aga of course that influences our recipies. There is more to eating in the summer than just salads when you have an Aga!
    Tried a great Goosberry crumble this week, just added 3/4 baby oranges cut up(cherry tom sized) from our ‘orange tree’ (Ha-ha, 2 feet tall, laden with ripening oranges at present, never had any bigger than a inch in dia. Talk about bursting with flavour – needed sugar though.

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