You’re juicin’ my melon, man

July 20, 2006

Juicing a water melon
Maths chick has a new kitchen toy. And, as you can see, it’s making her mighty happy. It’s a natty Moulinex juicer and promises to solve our regular Thursday evening rotting-fruit-mountain crises. This beast can reduce a mighty water melon to a couple of glasses of sweet red nectar in the flick of a switch, removing the pips at the same time. Not only that, it can handle beetroot, parsnip, pears, apples – anything hard and juicy that a blender would just turn to a viscous mush. Then it’ll clean the kitchen, polish your shoes and iron your shirt for the morning.

The water melon juice on its own was nice – sweet and unassuming. I thought it needed an edge adding with a squeeze of citrus, a few mint leaves, and a pinch or two of ground ginger. Being a self-confessed simple lass Maths chick preferred it pure and unadulterated.

The only problem is the potential for having a domestic about who’s going to wash-up the contraption, which comes apart into several thousand individual components. Each one of them impossible to clean without the aid of a high-powered jet-wash. Guess what’s next on our ecologically-unsound kitchen appliance wish-list.


11 Responses to “You’re juicin’ my melon, man”

  1. BB's Richard Says:

    I too have a juicer and went through a few months of super-healthy apple and carrot juice drinking. However, after a while the item was added to the list of items hidden away to await a new kitchen with more than the current 1ft square of worktop space.

    Looking forward to hearing of your no-doubt interesting juice combinations…. liver and mango juice anyone?

  2. gastropunk Says:

    Thanks for the idea. Hadn’t thought of juicing offal but that sounds like a winner. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

  3. Maths Chick Says:

    BB’s Richard – please don’t encourage Gastropunk!
    Not that he needs it.
    I shall have to keep an eye out for any offal purchases in the near future and either hide the juicer for a few days, or start a new hobby of making pate.

  4. Madame Zozo Says:

    I can see you are still in the heady, honeymoon days of a new juicer. When the reality of cleaning the buggar finally sinks in as it did with me, I returned to my simple, yet beautiful 2 piece my smoother maker. With all the bananas curretnly in my weekly fruit n’ vege box and the heat turning them brown within minutes on the doorstep; I have returned to my bacheloress days of Spirilina smoothies. 1 teaspoon of the green powder, 1 browning banana, 1 glass of apple juice and any other non-citrus fruit that is lurking in your fruitbowl will provide a delicious breakfast while building up your immune system (as quoted in this month’s Grazia – the bastion of all my health advice). People say you should avoid citrus fruits/juice though as it nulifies the goodness of the Spirilina. Have you got any comment on this, or on Spirilina smoothies in general?

  5. gastropunk Says:

    The whole world of juices and smoothies is new to me. I’ve never even heard of Spirilina. Is this a terrible thing to admit? What are they and how do they make you feel? Maybe Maths chick knows about these things, though she’s more likely to be found reading Origami Monthly than Grazia.

  6. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Well, there´s always a Southamerican reader that has not heard of that before either! (I could not even find in Wikipedia!)

  7. Bonnie Says:

    I have kitchen toy envy… And kitchen bench space envy…
    Must be time for a bigger boat.

  8. gastropunk Says:

    I have boat envy… Maybe we should do a house-boat swap for a month or two? We could swap kitchen appliances as well….

  9. Bonnie Says:

    Ahh… sorry, the ‘proverbial’ boat… Wouldn’t that be lovely to have a house boat though…

  10. gastropunk Says:

    Oh silly me! You’ve shattered my image of you baking perfect pizzas in an old gypsy canal boat somewhere green and leafy. Love your blog, by the way. Pickled beetroot with a burger sounds inspired.

  11. Bonnie Says:

    😦 sorry about that. Thanks for the compliments – I think we’ll be cracking out the beetroot this weekend. YAY!

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