Grill pan alley

August 2, 2006

Grilled pears

Maths chick is away for a few days, visiting the olds in Spain. Gastropunk is left to his own devices.

But what’s the fun in a veg box that you can’t share? It’s a lonely pursuit. Like being a veg-box hamster, running endlessly on a wheel, never getting anywhere. At night I dream I’m condemned to endlessly roll a giant water-melon up Muswell Hill, only to slip near the top and watch it roll back down, crushing half of Crouch End into a big pink, pulpy mess.

Perhaps it’s time for a holiday.

Anyway… I’ve rediscovered the joys of grilling this week. I have a canary-yellow cast-iron Le Creuset grill that has largely lived a decorative existence up until now. A recent comment left by babylemonade (nice pseudonym, by the way) threw up the concept of a grilled pear and tomato salad. Seemed like an idea worth half-inching. So we did.

And once you’ve got a griddle all hot and ready for action, you may as well indulge in an extended grilling sesh. Here’s a couple of combinations we thought worked well…

  • Grilled aubergines, tossed with chopped garlic, olive oil, green chilli, seasoning and bucket-loads of parsley
  • Grilled pears, tossed with tomatoes, walnuts, balsamic vinegar, a little sugar and olive oil

Grilled salads

Maths chick’s top grill-pan tips:

  1. get the griddle smoking hot before adding anything to it
  2. if necessary, lightly oil the poor veg you’re about to frizzle, rather than the pan
  3. don’t fiddle with the griddle – leave the veg in one position to ensure strong black stripes – it’s all in the visuals, man

Anyone else have any favourite griddle-pan recipes?

19 Responses to “Grill pan alley”

  1. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    You’ve probably tried it already but griddled courgettes tossed in oil, mint and lemon jiuce are great as a side dish or used in a salad – with tomato and griddled haloumi cheese as I had last night is good.
    I love your blog by the way – found it by way of Guy’s newsletter. I’m lucky enough to live in beautiful south Devon and the thought that ‘our’ veg is bringing the countryside to London makes me feel better in all sorts of visceral ways that I can’t properly explain. Anyway, you are an inspiration!

  2. gastropunk Says:

    oldbirdofdevon, the veg box does indeed bring a taste of the country into this dirty ol’ town… like a modern day Dick Whittington I’ve arrived in London to find the streets paved with organic rocket… thanks Devon, we love you!

  3. BB's Richard Says:

    I like to griddle tuna steaks and serve simply with lemon juice, good virgin olive oil and some pepper.
    Simple but nice.

  4. gastropunk Says:

    But do you have a griddle pan in the BB house, Richard?

  5. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Ah, el amor, el amor… es bueno extrañarse de vez en cuando, Gastrohamster!

  6. gastropunk Says:

    Que significas, crzy? El amor para mis verduras o para mi novia??

    Y, tambien, como se dice gastrohamster en espanol?? Gracias, me has dado un otro apodo extrano 🙂

  7. essie Says:

    being a crouch end resident and fellow Riverford box receiver, I’m not why I’m sniggering at the thought of ending up in a pink pulpy mess but it’s certainly added to my evening…

    Love the website!

  8. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Muy gracioso, Gastrohámster.

  9. claireeclaire Says:

    Hmmm, maybe the griddlypan will work well with those slightly iffy yellow tennis ball courgettes …

    Now then what about the kohl rabbi? Any ideas about how to make them palatable? I have so far disguised them by adding them to soups and curries, just wondering if there is a way to eat them with pleasure in their own right?

    Love this site, came to it via Guy’s newsletter, and looking forward to trying the recipes!

  10. gastropunk Says:

    claireeclaire, glad you like the site. kohl rabi seems to be taxing the patience of a lot of veg box regulars. i’ve only had them in the box twice so far – we tried a braised KR recipe which was quite nice. i’ll post it up soon. Tophat left a comment recommending slicing them raw in a sandwich – haven’t tried that one yet…

  11. gastropunk Says:

    essie, glad you like the site. it’s good to make contact with fellow riverford fans in the neighbourhood. have you tried the organic butchers near the clock tower – is it any good? i’ve been too lazy to walk down the hill and try it out since i moved to muswell hill in january…

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  15. Obese Says:

    Jusat looks completely delicious!

  16. Just wondered if you have ever tried grilled bananas? I’m trying to track down a recipe for them but not having much luck at the moment!

  17. Acid Reflux Says:

    Great food. . . Anything too rich tends to give me acid reflux though.. . so I’m not entirely sure this would suit me!

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  19. That looks completely delicious! I’m very jealous!

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