Swiss chard and parmesan omelette

August 3, 2006

A damp, grey-white pall once more hangs over London. The metropolis returns, perhaps with relief, to long sleeves and slacks, sensible shoes, fixed expressions. The heat-wave has passed, the flip-flops have been thrown back into the cupboard – will they be seen again this year? Who knows? Who cares? The sun’s always shining when you’ve got a Riverford veg box.

Like the seasoned Londoner, swiss chard seems a tough, adaptable kind of vegetable. I can imagine it jumping into a winter stew as much as gracing a summer quiche with its earthy presence.

But I suppose it will disappear from our boxes at some stage over the year. Will we miss it, or breathe a sigh of relief? Probably we won’t even notice. Veg box enthusiasts are fickle creatures.

Taking a tip from newforestgrrrl I threw together a chard and parmesan omelette this evening. And mighty quick it was, too. No more than 5 minutes from opening the fridge door to stuffing my little face.

Swiss chard and parmesan omelette

For 1 (boo-bleedin’-hoo)

1. Wash and shred a couple of handfuls of leaf. Wilt down in olive oil in a pan, over medium heat. Season and squeeze the excess liquid out. Forgot to add the nutmeg, which would have been good.

2. Whisk a couple of eggs well. Season.

3. Put a phlapp of butter in your best omelette pan over a decent heat. When it froths, add the eggs.

4. Tip the pan slightly, pull back one edge of the omelette and let the liquid egg on top run round on to the base of the pan. Do this a couple of times.

5. Sprinkle on a tablespoon or two of parmesan cheese, and, optionally, spoon on a gloop of double cream.

6. Bung your cooked chard leaves on a line down the middle of the omelette and roll it up. Slip on to a plate.

Good with some kind of crusty bread. Or Mothers Pride sliced white. It all goes down the same way.

Maths chick has trotted off with her digital camera, so no food porn shots with this post. You’ll have to make do with this completely irrelevant shot of some blocks of flats in Walthamstow.

Wanstead Flats

14 Responses to “Swiss chard and parmesan omelette”

  1. BB's Richard Says:

    Walthamstow…. would you adam and eve it! Go on my son…

  2. margesimpson Says:

    what flats in walthamstow i used to live in walthamstow,now in please tell me where???

  3. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Flip-flops in the cupboard
    Suiss chard in the box
    Gastrohamster, u need a break
    Maths Muse pls come back home

  4. gastropunk Says:

    margesimpson, the photo was taken near Wanstead Flats. we stumbled across them while wandering around Walthamstow one Saturday morning, in search of the mythical Epping Forest. Interesting part of London, more to it than just the dogs and e17 – do you miss it?

  5. gastropunk Says:

    crzy, muchas gracias for the first poetry posted on VBD. and it doesn’t rhyme as well – which makes it ‘serious’ poetry. que guay! eres muy lista!

  6. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    It only rhymes if you read it with rgntnn accent! 🙂

  7. newforestgrrrl Says:

    Ahh, glad to see you enjoyed the omelette suggestion… (double cream? what would Prue think of that??). Simple risotto for us tonight, with some fairly gutsy basil pesto spooned through – comfort food of the highest order.

  8. margesimpson Says:

    dont miss it at all, too many people,i live in a little coastal town now suits me much better, but it was nice at the time,epping forrest is lovely so do try again,spent alot of school visits up there,as regards kohl rabi sandwiches yuk!! try it with beetroot and butter ,thats real heaven.

  9. margesimpson Says:

    oh and add to that home made white bread

  10. gastropunk Says:

    margesimpson, as it happens, i’ve got some boiled beetroot lurking in the fridge – i might take some beetroot sarnies for our drive down to Devon tomorrow. thanks for the tip…

  11. Kinson Says:

    Ah, Beetroot, or red beet as I call them – perhaps is that a Lincolnshire name? – checking Google…. oh perhaps not, Americans call it that as well… oh look, Latin ‘Beta vulgaris’ – nothing vulgar about red beet – unless they slip out of the sarnie and onto your clothes and your language becomes vulgar.

  12. margesimpson Says:

    speeking of beetroot and vulgar , how many people pee pink when they eat the said root, just wondering, bit sad like that i am, its puzzled me since i was little,a long time lol.

  13. margesimpson Says:

    ps enjoy the meal and happy birthday

  14. gastropunk Says:

    thanks marge simpson, i will! in my experience, beetroot wee can vary from a girly pink to a deep, lustrous red…

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