Happy birthday to me…

August 4, 2006

crzy_rgntnn sent me this drawing for my birthday, for which I will love her always. Ain’t she talented?

My birthday treat is a trip to Riverford farm and an evening meal in the Riverford Field Kitchen , for which I will always love Maths chick. Ain’t she fantastic? And very good at quadratic equations too.

I’m getting all emotional now…..<stifles quiet sobs of happiness>…

7 Responses to “Happy birthday to me…”

  1. Cloggie Says:

    Happy Birthday Gastropunk! Enjoy the veg fest down at the farm….

  2. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Filed in “ramblings”
    Finally a category where I fit in! 🙂
    Hope you and Maths Muse have a great w/end

  3. Kinson Says:

    yeah, happy birthday s’pose

  4. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip to the farm. As I write this on Sunday afternoon it’s baking hot and very sultry. It was the same yesterday as we watched Plymouth Argyle scrap it out with Wolves. Have been to the farm a couple of times but never eaten more than a snack in the field kitchen. If it’s a good as Gordon Ramsay reckons, you will have been gastronomised beyond belief. And I really must get round to going again sometime…

  5. gastropunk Says:

    Thanks for posting the first football-related comment on VBD! Although being a Sheffield Wednesday fan I’m afraid I can’t wish your team best of luck for the coming season. We love you Wednesday, we do… etc etc

  6. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    The Owls are here on Sat and we wish them well because our beloved Paul Sturrock is still a legend at Home Park and we have much to thank him for. Meanwhile I greatly enjoyed the atmosphere at the Stadium of Light last Sat when the Greens thrashed the Black Cats. Hope I’m not lowering the tone but it just goes to show you should never stereotype an aging hippy or a footie fan. Enjoy your hols and don’t stop believing in the veg box fairies or any other kind of magic!

  7. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Hi Oldie. I`ve just visited this entry to check your birth date, and yes, I`ve missed it 😦
    Anyway, hope you had a great day.
    All the best for your trip.
    Love, Paula x

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