Battered haggis and a bag of chips

August 11, 2006

The boxes have been cancelled. The griddle pan has been oiled, the mouli-legume dismantled, the chef’s knife sharpened and the pasta machine packed away.

Yep, Maths chick and I are off on holiday to the Cairngorms for a couple of weeks. It’s a well-timed break as we’re both heading for veg box burnout. I’m looking forward to a strict diet of battered haggis and greasy chips. And I don’t care if they’re not organic.

See you for more veg box shenanigans in September, when I guess the boxes will already have an autumnal feel to them. Can’t be long before the return of the dreaded red cabbage. Eek.


7 Responses to “Battered haggis and a bag of chips”

  1. Lemon Curry? Says:

    Have a good time and thanks for the posts so far. Both useful and entertaining!

  2. gastropunk Says:

    Lemon curry? Is it spicy or mild, creamy or dry? Sounds like a recipe for the VB diaries…

  3. BB's Richard Says:

    Enjoy the trip! And don’t forget to try a deep fried pizza too.

  4. gastropunk Says:

    And the mythical deep-fried mars bar, of course

  5. Lemon Curry? Says:

    Sadly it is a Monty Python quote. Just thought it would be an appropriate nom de blog for posting here. There probably are recipes for it though!

  6. gastropunk Says:

    Well, if there ain’t a recipe for lemon jalfrezi, it needs inventing. reckon you can curry just about anything, even an old pair of reeboks if you cook ’em long enough…

  7. Uploarp Says:

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