Bacon butties in Glen Elg

September 1, 2006

What a holiday we’ve had. An absolute classic. Full of bizarre encounters and cheerful coincidences.

Highlights… a Geordie woman with an encyclopeadic knowledge of the price of campsite showers (‘the showers in Ullapool are 30p, like’)… wearing kilt with all the trimmings as best man for my Edinburgh mate, David… bagging my first Munro in Skye’s forbidding Cuillin Hills… an impromptu bagpipe jam one evening in a pub in Glen Shiel… ‘dancing’ the Gay Gordon with maths chick… eagles, buzzards, seals, angelic wild deer, devilish mountain goats…

And who would have thought a humble camping trip to the Highlands would provide such culinary highlights as…

1. An absurdly rich bowl of Cullen Skink in the Kintail Lodge. Smoked haddock, cream, potato and onion soup. Perfect post-munro-bagging fodder. Consume with a side order of trad Scottish folk played on one of those cute wee under-the-arm bagpipes…

2. A wild salmon fresh caught in the Tweed by Squadron Leader Baldwin (bizarrely, the Queen’s ex-pilot) and poached whole by his posh-assertive wife. Just don’t bring up the rights and wrongs of fox-hunting at the dinner table if you want second helpings…

3. A beautiful, genuine Boletus Edulus (Cep, or Porcini, to those not versed in funghal Latin). Stumbled upon while seeking relief in a pine forest. Fried with garlic and oil on a camping stove on the side of the road. Elegant slumming or what?

4. All 3 courses of the wedding feast after I’d just finished my best man’s speech. The relief was so strong this tasted like the first meal of the rest of my life…

And now the anticipation is building for tomorrow’s Riverford delivery. The first for almost a month. Top banana.

4 Responses to “Bacon butties in Glen Elg”

  1. FactoBrunt Says:

    Sounds amazing! 🙂

  2. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Good to have you back, Toaster.

  3. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    No pressure but u have been missed so go easy on the hols please! But seriously, glad you had a good time and don’t you think factory farming is far worse than foxhunting? Wish the activists would really get going on that one.

  4. gastropunk Says:

    oldbirdofdevon, thanks for the welcome back. i agree with you – if i was a politician chosing to deal with either factory farming or foxhunting then i’d tackle the former first. it was interesting visiting a Yorkshire village with a strong hunting tradition (there was a maypole on the village green with a model of a fox on top). heard both sides of the argument. it’s an issue that divides rural communities and is not a case of city vs country. sometimes, though, i think it’s a shame when old customs are banned and all people have left to do is shop or watch tv…

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