Organic allotment blog

September 7, 2006

Post-holiday resolution #3: to stop navel-gazing and start checking out some of the other foodie/organic/London blogs out there.

Jane Perrone’s Horticultural is one I’ve been enjoying recently. It takes me back to my organic allotmenteering years as a Smiths-loving, CND-badge-wearing 6th former back in the 80’s.

Reading this blog is a great way of getting vicarious veg-growing pleasures without having to lift a spade or fill a watering can. And there’s no 2 year council waiting list either.

Some nice looking recipes, too. Dig for victory…

5 Responses to “Organic allotment blog”

  1. Duane Says:

    I checked out Horticultural, cool blog.

  2. We’ve seen you, you’re not that old.
    And what were to resolutions 1 and 2?

  3. gastropunk Says:

    spinning_jeni, like cliff richard, i’m older than i look. first song i remember on the radio – blondie, heart of glass, 1979.
    i bought a banjo once. a 4-string folk banjo for playing irish jigs on. that hobby lasted a week, like many of my enthusiasms. the bridge fell off and it never sounded as good after that. do you play, or just sell banjo accessories?

  4. And my first remembered song on the radio was even pre Cliff Richard!! ‘Davy Crockett- King of the Wild Frontier’, singer unknown. I was about to launch myself down Memory Lane with tales of Two Way Family Favourites (What’s the weather like where you are Judith?) and Saturday Club on the Light Programme – but my fingers are just too arthritic!
    No, I don’t play the banjo- my husband does – and I finance this expensive hobby by importing the bits he wants and selling the surplus.
    Bridges are very important – not just having one, that’s quite important – but density, weight, height, spacing, positioning. The really expensive ones are made from wood that’s been submerged in lakes for hundreds of years and are not to be cast aside lightly. Those that have them say the improvement in sound quality is wonderful – but they would, after paying so much for them wouldn’t they?
    I’m off now to take my medication and catch the last stairlift to bed.

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