Are you looking for the Melon Man?

September 15, 2006

I’m fascinated by the search terms people use to get this blog. Some of them must be so disappointed when they arrive here. Here’s some recent favourites:

  • ‘Melon Man’
  • ‘diary porn’
  • ‘gordon ramsey in kilt’
  • ‘brown girl in the ring listen boney m’
  • ‘ugly courgette’
  • ‘porn box’
  • ‘chicken scandal’
  • ‘The Gay Gordon’
  • ‘polish builders’

And for anyone who’s here looking for Gordon R in a kilt, here’s the next best thing… me in Black Watch tartan, looking a bit like that bloke out of Slade…

In a kilt, St Andrews

6 Responses to “Are you looking for the Melon Man?”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    hehehe this makes me giggle..
    One of my all time favourites that I’ll never forget was:

    “What is a glug in US measurements?” Errrrr.

  2. Please tell me; What’s in your buttonhole – and is it organic?

  3. gastropunk Says:

    spinning_jeni, it was some kind of droopy flower. not sure what exactly. it started off quite perky but looked sorry and limp by the end of the day. i doubt it was organic – in fact i don’t remember seeing anything organic during my Scottish trip…

  4. Kinson Says:

    No pictures explaining the ‘ugly courgette’ please…

  5. gastropunk Says:

    kinson, never seen an ugly courgette in my life… would be a sight worth seeing i’m sure…

  6. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    You do know how to entertain your audience, Toaster.
    Sos un personaje! (ask Fátima about that one…)
    Long live the Ramblings section! 🙂

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