Veggies what bunch

September 27, 2006

Bunches of carrots and beetroots

What’s in the box? Big buxom bunches, that’s what. Trussed tightly together with little blue bands. Stand them in your finest vase on the table when friends or colleagues come to dinner. Pin them to your lapel as a badge of organic honour.

Big bunches fill up the veg box to bursting – giving it that over-flowing, cornucopian feel. Bulging bunches make you feel truly blessed in the veg department.

Still, we lop off the leafy bits before we fridge ’em so they keep better. Apparently those leaves continue to suck the good organic juices out of the roots. I guess the poor things don’t even realise they’ve been dug-up.



5 Responses to “Veggies what bunch”

  1. BB's Richard Says:

    So just when the poor carrots think they have had a stay of execution, you come along with your meat cleaver (suppose that should be a veg cleaver!) to end their happy little carrot lives….. Hope you make their lives worthwhile by using them in something more exciting than a grated carrot salad 😉

  2. gastropunk Says:

    BB’s Richard, good to have you back. Congratulations on third place – can’t believe Aisleeeeen beat you into second. You were always the voice of reason in the mad house. And by the way, carrot salads can be very, very exciting. Trust me.

  3. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    Grated carrot salad can be dull I agree but have you tried Nigella’s recipe, which uses nowt but carrots, salted peanuts, sunflower oil and wine vinegar? It’s FAB. The combination of sweet carrots and salty nuts, combined with the sour vinegar, is just amazing, a very good example of the sum of the parts etc etc (is that maths?)
    But now I’m thinking, when you say ‘very, very exciting’, what do you have in mind…..

  4. gastropunk Says:

    Well now, when I said very VERY exciting I may have been exaggerating slightly. a slight rush of blood to the head. however, i do like grated carrot dressed with an intensely fruity olive oil and lemon juice, seasoned well, and left to soften for a while. i’ll definitely give the Nigella salad a go – the considered simplicity of the recipe appeals to me…

  5. BB's Richard Says:

    Think I’m going to have to stop trying sarcasm on VBD as it seems pretty easy to prove that I am filled to the brim with popular misconceptions….!

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