Chicken Fricasee with Red Cabbage

October 11, 2006

I’m going to post this without too much fanfare. Suffice to say, it’s a cracking recipe which uses the dreaded RC and doesn’t involve apples, vinegar or any spices. Which makes it a jewel among veg box recipes.

This recipe is adapted from Marcella Hazan’s peerless ‘The Essentials of Classic Italian Cookbook‘. After French Provincial Cookery, this is the most well-thumbed and stained book in my humble collection.

Chicken Fricasee with Red Cabbage

Gently saute a sliced onion and a couple of roughly chopped garlic cloves in olive oil until soft and golden. Add a whole, finely shredded red cabbage and season. Stir together and cook over a low heat until very tender and reduced in bulk, perhaps about an hour.

In another pan, warm up olive oil and fry 4 to 8 chicken thighs until brown on both sides. Then add these to the cabbage, along with a glass of red wine and a few grindings of black pepper. Cover the pan and continue to cook slowly for another hour or so. Keep tasting for seasoning – red cabbage benefits from generous salting.

By the end the cabbage should be reduced to a “dark supple sauce for the chicken”.

O ye of little faith, believe, for yea this is a well scrummy recipe. Good for wooing algebraically-inclined wenches, too.

35 Responses to “Chicken Fricasee with Red Cabbage”

  1. Jonny Says:

    Thanks for that gp, sounds great. Might give it a try this weekend. I am a bit surprised by your antipathy to rc. I never used to touch the stuff, but Riverford has taught me to love it. Normally just braise it, pretty much as you described in your previous post. Had it like that last night with some pork and sweet potatoes, creating an intriguing orange and purple display.

    I take it from that last line that this was one of the first dishes ever prepared for mathschick? Ahhh.

  2. icedink Says:

    We had Riverford red cabbage for dinner tonight too. Lovely. Here’s the recipe. Love your site, by the way.

  3. gastropunk Says:

    jonny, yes indeed this was one of the first dishes i cooked for maths chick back in our early courtship. it was far more effective than the dodgy under-cooked mackerel wrapped in bacon concoction which i tried on her around the same time. never a good idea to experiment too much (culinarily speaking) during those first tentative steps of a young romance…

  4. gastropunk Says:

    icedink, glad you like the site. there seems to be a larger number of RC fans out there than I expected…

  5. Kinson Says:

    Any recommendations?

  6. Kinson Says:

    😦 Oops in all my excitement, I entered the first line of my previous message into website url – berk. It should read:

    Woohoo! Riverford starts delivering to our ‘hood in two weeks!

    Any recommendations?

  7. I’ve just had another look at Marcella Hazan’s book and there are 2 or 3 recipes for RC. Its not a book I ever go to now – I blame her for wasting a whole afternoon of my life making “real” polenta. Perhaps its the language that’s off-putting, all those ‘smothered’ vegetables are not encouraging. However, I’ll try the RC and sausages, the beef rolls one sounds just too fussy.

  8. gastropunk Says:

    kinson, maybe try starting with the frut and veg box so you get a good sample of produce without becoming overwhelmed by the quantity. we’ve also added milk and eggs to our regular weekly order. on a week-by-week basis we order bags of staples (onions, tatties) or, if we’re feeling evil, pots of wonderful thick cream. welcome to the R’ford crew…

  9. gastropunk Says:

    spinning_jeni, i have a soft spot for marcella ‘cos i like old school, slightly academic, cookbooks with no photos. for me it’s a pleasure to spend slow, lazy afternoons in the kitchen cooking elaborate dishes, rolling out fresh pasta, doing homemade polenta etc. but i agree her books aren’t great for day-to-day cooking. i’ll take a look a the beef roll recipe – sounds like a fun way to waste a winter afternon.

  10. cherve Says:

    I am a big red cabbage fan and am always looking for new ideas. It’s a jewel of autumn/winter veg especially if you grow it yourself. I tried this earlier this week and it was great. Thanks for the recipe we will certainly be doing it again!

  11. b deuce Says:

    I substituted a left over cabbage head for the red cabbage and this turned out great – careful with the oil though too much makes it a bit soggy

    thanks – better than throwing out the cabbage

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  19. Karen Says:

    We enjoyed the cabbage and chicken dish. Thanks!

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