My beautiful cauliflower

October 14, 2006


In the cult student movie Withnail and I, mad Uncle Monty declares, “I happen to think the cauliflower more beautiful than the rose.” I’d never really subscribed to his point of view until this fine specimen arrived in our box today.

Ain’t she a beauty? Don’t she deserve to be cooked and eaten in a fine old style? Unfortunately my cauliflower repetoire runs no further than aloo gobi and cauliflower cheese.

Now I’m relying on you let to help me out here. Cough up yer best ‘flower recipe. The winning recipe gets a years free subscription to the Veg Box Diary RSS feed.

11 Responses to “My beautiful cauliflower”

  1. jayarcee Says:

    Jamie Oliver’s recipe for cauliflower risotto in Jamie’s Italy is the best cauliflower dish I’ve ever tasted. It is a basic risotto with the cauliflower added with the onion and celery at the beginning, but what really makes it is a crunchy pangrattato (breadcrumbs, anchovies, chillies) on top.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    My, my Miss Cauliflower is a beauty. We like to boil ours with a couple of strands of saffron, a touch of olive oil, salt and pepper. The cauliflower takes on a very good looking, handsome golden colour and the flavour goes very well….

  3. This is Rosamond Richardson’s ‘Stir Fried Cauliflower with Ginger and Garlic.’
    Break the cauliflower into florets and then cut the florets into slices. Stir fry in 3Tbsps groundnut oil with thinly sliced 1″ piece of ginger, 2 thinly sliced garlic cloves and a sliced (optional) red chili. After 3 minutes add 2 Tbsps water, cover the pan and turn the heat down a bit. Shake it every now and then to stop it sticking.
    Should be ready after 5 – 6 minutes. Add 1Tbsp dark sesame oil, 2Tbsp yellow bean sauce stir them in then add 3 Tbsps chopped coriander leaf and soy sauce if you like it.
    This is really good towards the end of the cauliflower season, when you’re really fed up with all the variations on cauliflower cheese.
    I love the Romanesco cauliflower; it looks so scientific, my husband calls it fractel cauliflower- but he still won’t eat it!!

  4. Kinson Says:

    It is my favourite vegetable (it had to be coming from the fens). My preferred way (although sounds boring) is to steam them a little and eat them with things that won’t swamp their flavour.

    Reminds me of the time my Dad got reported to the police for taking them from a field – the only thing was the field belong to my Great Uncle and he had given permission. Our local policeman said the next time he was out getting caulies, could he get him a couple.

  5. junctify Says:

    Hey I got a cauliflower in my vegebox too but one of the strange fractal ones heres what I did with a few florets ( adapted from Nigel Slater . Al dente cauliflower florets with warmed chickpeas throw over fresh coriander, a teaspoon of tahini and squeeze of lemon. picture here

  6. gastropunk Says:

    thanks for all the ideas! the risotto, the stir fry and the middle eastern chick pea salad all sound great – i’ll be test driving these ideas over the cauliflower season.

    kinson came round for dinner last night and, as he’d confessed his long-term love for the caulie, i decided to cook it as bonnie suggested, with olive oil and saffron. it was a perfect partner for a roast leg of lamb, studded classic-style with garlic, rosemary and anchovies. i think my beautiful ‘flower got the send-off she deserved.

  7. Maths Chick Says:

    Hey Junctify, aren’t all cauliflowers fractals?? I know the one you mean though – they’re pretty cool and you can see the Fibonacci spiral really clearly.

    The cauliflower with saffron and olive oil was a glorious accompaniment to the lamb and roast potatoes, which I am still dreaming about now. I don’t think I had ever appreciated the yumminess of the simplicity of the humble cauliflower until last night. Gastropunk certainly gave it a good send off and a Sunday night roast to be dead proud of.

  8. wheatlessbay Says:

    Orangette has posted her take on cauliflower. They are steamed to soften, then baked in a wet rub of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and nutmeg, and served with a vinagrette.

  9. gastropunk Says:

    wheatlessbay, thanks for the recipe link – apart from being slightly disturbed by the idea of giving a cauliflower a wet rub, it sounds well worth having a go at it

  10. Bonnie Says:

    Glad to hear the cauli lived up to expectations! She must’ve put on a good show! I’m keen to try some of these suggestions as well. All sound scrum-dilly-umptious!

  11. […] Men have fickle hearts. No sooner has my last true love been wet-rubbed with olive oil and lovingly steamed, than this little teaser turned up. It fluttered its fractals at me, and my heart melted. Now Maths chick is starting to get suspicious about my secretive midnight trips to the kitchen. […]

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