My beautiful cauliflower revisited

October 31, 2006

Fractal cauliflower

Men have fickle hearts. No sooner has my last true love been wet-rubbed with olive oil and lovingly steamed, than this little teaser turned up. It fluttered its fractals at me, and my heart melted. Now Maths chick is starting to get suspicious about my secretive midnight trips to the kitchen.

According to our resident Romany, Romanasco cauliflowers are perfect examples of Fibonacci spirals occuring in nature. So there you go. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

5 Responses to “My beautiful cauliflower revisited”

  1. Head Burro Says:

    I’d rather stick it in a cheese sauce and eat it 😀

  2. gastropunk Says:

    Well, that’s another option. Each to his own, and all that 🙂

  3. Not only is it pretty but in my opinion it has a better flavour than the bog-standard version. I’m not good at describing flavours but I guess I’d call it more rounded, more mellow – and cooks more quickly

  4. […] I agree with Spinning Jenni’s comment on a previous post that Romanesco has a better flavour than the common or garden cauliflower. It’s also got a firmer texture and a brighter colour. To my mind it’s definitely an upgrade on the basic version. A kind of Veg 2.0. […]

  5. academicmum Says:

    Gosh – I’m childishly excited to hear Romanesco’s perfection getting an airing. Disappointingly it was advertised in our Bath box a couple of weeks ago – I rushed to pick it out only to find the normal cauliflower staring up at me.

    I stuck a picture of the most perfect fractal romanesco from Riverford on the front of a management paper I wrote last year entitled “Complexity – why organizations aren’t like cauliflower”. Couldn’t agree more as to its utter perfection – and tastes good too.

    So I’m smokin’ it man – I just never thought anyone else would!

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