Eggs in a pot, with gravy

November 6, 2006

Gravy is in my genes, being a Yorkshireman by birth. Up there we slap it on willy-nilly. Chips, pie, mash, sausage. Pour it out the gravy-boat by the gallon. Drown the plate and all its contents in a gooey, viscous flood. Mop it up with white sliced bread, then lick the plate.

My mum always had a bottle of ancient (pre-1970s) Gravy Browning in the cupboard. A drop or two of this vile potion would turn a pan of pale, tasteless, floury veg-water into a glistening, mahogany-coloured pan of tasteless, floury veg water.

In memory of my culinary roots, here’s a fancy way of preparing eggs from French Provincial Cookery. Elizabeth D calls it something like ‘Ouefs en cocotte avec jus’. That’ll be eggs in a pot with gravy, then.

Eggs en concotte, with gravy 1

1. Bring an inch or so of water to the boil. For each person, put in a ramekin, with a small knob of butter.

Eggs en concotte, with gravy 2

2.When the butter has melted, slide in an egg. Put a lid over and allow the eggs to steam for 3 or 4 minutes. The whites should be just set, the yolks still a little soft. This can be quite tricky to get right, the yolks tending to be ready while the whites are still a little wobbly.

Eggs en concotte, with gravy 3

3. Into each ramekin pour a couple of tablespoons of good rich gravy. If it’s a little insipid, reduce it first. We were lucky enough to have some good juices left-over from a chicken Sunday roast.

Eggs en concotte, with gravy 4

4. Eat while reading Geoffrey Boycott’s biography, listening to the Arctic Monkeys and wearing an Owls scarf. Tastes better with Sheffield cutlery, too.

10 Responses to “Eggs in a pot, with gravy”

  1. Kinson Says:

    Artic Monkeys? They’re Kensal Rise boys now…

  2. gastropunk Says:

    Yep, I’d heard they’d joined the Notting Hill wannabes in Kensal 😉
    There goes the neighbourhood….

  3. Kinson Says:

    Hmmm, it’s gone very quiet.

    Is there anyone there?

  4. Cloggie Says:

    Hey Gastropunk – missing the posts but assume the freelance business is booming? Did you see the article about veg boxes in the Guardian earlier this week? Here’s a link,,1952729,00.html

    Quite entertaining, but I was disappointed that there is still no clue as to what to do with Chard. Any ideas?

  5. Guy Says:

    my mother had a bottle of gravy browning and claimed it took almost her whole married life to finish it, but when she did she was lost and unable to find a replacement. I now have my own bottle and suspect it my out live mine.

    The eggs sound disgusting but maybe I should try before righting it off. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the farm in the summer. The best camp site near by is John Thorne’s at Beara farm, just the other side of the river. No pickers on saturday because that is the one day we try to make sure everyone has off. Glad Darren did a good job and the sight of the artics dd not put you off too much.

    Thanks for you support. Hope the break in entries is not indicative of boredom with Kale and cabbage.


  6. oldbirdofdevon Says:

    I too am getting twitchy. Hope all’s going well, we miss you!

  7. Henrietta Says:

    Hellllloooo – anyone out there? Assume your work is going well then!

  8. Sandy Says:

    I am missing you, hope you will be back soon.

  9. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    I think gastropunk was going to be spreading his web knowledge in a conference in New Zeland around these days, so we will have to give him some time… (or maybe after that he decides he is ready for a radio/tv program?)

  10. Maths Chick Says:

    Hi y’all

    Gastropunk has been in New Zealand for the last few weeks and, aside from giving a paper at a conference, has been climbing mountains and hopefully cooking up some tasty meals on his camping stove.

    Hopefully he’ll get back into the veg box diaries routine after Christmas. No publishing deal as of yet, and alas no TV appearances on ready steady cook….

    Merry Christmas and all best wishes for 2007!
    Maths Chick

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