Road kill stew – the verdict

January 4, 2007

Pheasant with spuds and sprouts

A quick update on tonight’s road kill dinner. The stew had a pleasantly pheasanty taste. Some small splinters of bone in a fractured leg contributed the occasional unnerving crunch. A small portion of posh bubble’n’ squeak, using the last of the Christmas sprout-stick, enhanced the rustic-chic feel of the meal. Thank you, Miss Pheasant, for laying down your life to satisfy my gluttony.

2 Responses to “Road kill stew – the verdict”

  1. BB's Richard Says:

    Are you still alive today?

    What was Maths Chick’s verdict on the dish and how does her car smell these days after becoming a poultry transporter?

  2. gastropunk Says:

    Thanks for checking, BB. We’re both alive and kicking this morning. Maths Chick’s car already reeks pretty bad – the smell of decomposing pheasant is now just another layer in the general foul miasma that results from not cleaning a car (inside or out) for about 2 years…

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