Purple sprouting and poached egg

March 25, 2007

Purple Sprouting and Poached Egg

I’m really enjoying the generous bags of purple sprouting we’ve been receiving over the past few weeks. This evening, as the MC hurtles down the A1 on her way back from a (mercifully) flying visit to Sleaford, Lincs, I downed this combo of steamed sprouting, poached egg, croutons, parmesan, and melted butter.

As the footie commentary blurbled away in the background (England 0, Israel 0, yawn), it occured to me that P Sprouting is 3 veggies in one – chunky stalk, smooth strong leaves and squidgy flower. Each element of the threesome brings its particular quality to the mix – the stalk provides texture, the leaves taste, and the flower makes it all look purdy. It’s like the Three Degrees or the Charlie’s Angels of the vegetable kingdom.

6 Responses to “Purple sprouting and poached egg”

  1. But how can you resist eating long enough to photograph it?

  2. Henrietta Says:

    Hooray for PSB – I’m so addicted to it, I ordered extra last week. What a cheery vegetable! Good to see you back BTW 🙂

  3. Kinson Says:

    Just leave your anti-Sleafordian comments to yourself or else…

  4. gastropunk Says:

    Lovely place Sleaford, best experienced in small quantities…

  5. amalee issa Says:

    ok that does it. this blog needs to be renamed gastro-porn. i’ve got a serious addiction to poached eggs on p/s broccoli now. i’d never thought of this combination, it’s just great.

  6. Claire Says:

    Your poached egg looks fab – mine never look like that! Can you let us in on the secret?

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