Duck eggs

March 31, 2007

Duck eggs

A friend of the family who has recently bought a small holding in Wales gave us four duck eggs the other day. About half again the size of a large hen egg, they had wonderful pale-blue and cream coloured shells, still covered in farmyard gunk.

We tried poaching one, but, perhaps being a little past it’s prime, the whites spiralled away and disintegrated, leaving a lonely, naked yolk. Frying suited them better – and gave the rich, generous, deep-orange yolks the chance to take centre-stage.

According to E David, duck eggs are not suitable for pickling in vinegar. Gutted.

duck eggs

3 Responses to “Duck eggs”

  1. Henrietta Says:

    Those look divine…

  2. Joanna Says:

    Duck eggs are fabulous in baking – you can really taste the difference in a Victoria sponge …


  3. My jeweller friends always say that they keep their hand soldering torches to hand in the kitchen in case they need to blast the top of a creme caramel. Not in our kitchen, we keep the blowtorch to cook the white on the top of fried eggs.

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