A final 12 hours of freedom

September 3, 2007

Work starts again tomorrow for earnest, but for today I’ve been enjoying the luxury of having more than one gas ring and frying pan at my disposal. Here’s what I’ve been stuffing my face with during my last 12 hours of freedom…

Boudin Noir with sauteed apples

Boudin noir and apple

Not really food porn this one, more of a slasher movie. A big, bursting, bloody Boudin Noir sitting not-so-pretty on top of apple slices fried in rendered pork fat. It’s criminal to come back from France without a boot-full of their wonderfully sanguine take on black pudding. Just hope customs don’t want to search your car at Dover or there could be some tricky explaining to do.

Bramble Jelly

Brambles bubbling

Inspired by Over-Friendly Whittinstall’s latest ramblings in the Guardian I set out on a mission to make bramble jelly. Highgate Wood just up the hill is rich hunting ground for these little beauties, if you don’t mind the odd volley of verbal abuse from the local hoodies (e.g. “Watcha doin’ bending over in the bushes, weirdo?”). Shouldn’t they be back at school now? Great fun watching the bramble juice all roiling and tumbling as you boil up the jelly.

Raja spud salad

Raja potato salad

I’ve been enjoying the Raja spuds that arrived in the box this week. Neither particularly waxy, nor too floury, they look very cute in their girlie pink jackets. Tonight I made a salad out of them, dressing them with chopped tomato, red pepper, olive oil, parsley, garlic and white wine vinegar. Served up with grilled Derbyshire lamb chops it made a worthy last meal for a condemned man facing imminent office incarceration.

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