Tips for Gourmet Campers

September 6, 2007

Good camping and good cooking don’t have to be mutually exclusive, even when you’ve only a got a small single-burner gas stove and a battered old pan. Here are our 5 top tips for gourmet campers:

1. Take a washing up bowl

Salad in washing up bowl

Great for tossing salads, scaling and gutting fish, marinading roadkill and, er, washing up in.

2. Invest in a no-handled non-stick frying pan

Piperade on a camping stove

The absence of a handle means the pan balances well, the non-stick makes whipping up a quick piperade or omlette a doddle. Check out the orange oven-glove – pretty stylish, huh?

3. Use a frisbee as a chopping board

Chopping onion on a frisbee

This was our most valuable discovery of the holiday – convert a frisbee into a chopping board. It’s light, it has a rim that stops stuff being blown away by that pesky Mistral wind, and the grooves the knife makes in the plastic doesn’t seem to adversely effect the frisbee’s flight.

4. Take advantage of on-site fruit bushes

Figs, Croatia

Virtually every campsite we stayed in provided us with a free dessert (except for the Red Indian-themed site we stayed at in Brittany). Figs and plums in Croatia and Italy, blackberries and elderberries in France – simply poached with some brown sugar and a glug of unidentified brandy-like spirit given to us in Croatia.

5. Take a Riverford veg box

Vegbox on tour

Our trusty veg box did us proud as an all-round booze and cooking equipment container. It even survived a spillage of anchovy oil which would have destroyed a lesser box. We’re still debating whether to return it to our local veg box deliverer for re-use – if you get very fishy-smelling veggies any time soon, you’ll know the reason why.

4 Responses to “Tips for Gourmet Campers”

  1. zaidapdan Says:

    My word.

    Your blog is deliciously funny yet very informative. Keep it up! Now I’m making my own meatballs a la Scandinavia.

    Yup, meatballs and sauce mix from IKEA!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Great tip about the frisbee chopping board. Also the Riverford box – they really are great, we should start a campaign to get supermarkets to use them too, at least the ones that pretend they are eco-friendly! And I particularly liked the oven glove co-ordinating with the plates – I can’t do that at home, never mind on a camping trip!


  3. gastropunk Says:

    zaidapan, hope you enjoyed your flat-pack meatballs…

    joanna, glad you appreciated our attempts at colour-coordinated camping

  4. amalee issa Says:

    My disgusting only son recently confessed to eating his curry from a frisbee in his rooms at uni; it must be a male way of viewing the world! Although I will admit to using slices of bread as a table cloth in the past… glad you’re back blogging.


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