Cor blimey, we’re delicious

September 11, 2007

At the risk of blowing our own trompettes, The MC and myself were honoured and delighted to be featured in last month’s edition of Delicious magazine. I’d like to think the mugshot combines a little bit of the floppy lovableness of Hugh F-W, the steely no-nonsense of Sir Gordon Ramsey and the saintly purity of Delia-le-Smith. We’d like to thank our agents, without whom… against all the odds… boo-hoo blubber blubber…

Delicious Magazine article

9 Responses to “Cor blimey, we’re delicious”

  1. amalee issa Says:

    Well done! And lucky chops for all those people who are introduced to your blog through your article. I hope they all like your fridge pictures as much as I do.

  2. stratfordgirl Says:

    Ooh well done you two!

  3. BB's Richard Says:

    We’re not worthy…
    PS I’m with MC on the anchovies front

  4. Kinson Says:

    Woohoo – I’m referenced in it!

    When do I get my “appearence” fee?

  5. gastropunk Says:

    Kinson, when I get a publishing deal 🙂

  6. Kinson Says:

    You do look a bit of a mardy-arse in the picture

  7. jane Says:

    I’m soooo proud of you toby x

  8. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    Well done, Toaster!(Not sure what “mardy-arse” means, but please ask for advise next time you need to publish a picture of you) I see you´ve been posting like mad, I need to catch up with so many adventures!

  9. Barney Says:

    Hi Toby,

    It’s Barney, Emily’s husband. I sit next to Andrea McGinniss, she’s my tea slave.

    Small world eh!


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