Spice-fried Carrots and Spuds

September 12, 2007

Spice-fried carrots

This dish is an adaption of a recipe from the first River Cafe cookbook. Basically, peel and slice the carrot and spuds into large chunks. Pour a quarter of an inch or so of oil into a saute pan and gently fry some whole spices – I put in a teaspoon each of fennel, poppy and coriander seeds and a whole dried chilli. Cumin would also be good. There was no garlic in the house (shock-horror) otherwise I’d have thrown in a few whole cloves in their skin. Add the veg and gently saute, turning the carrots and spuds occasionally, until nicely browned and cooked through. Season and serve immediately.

I had these with Black halibut, cut in to gougons, dipped in flour and fried quickly at a high heat. I’d never heard of this fish before (also known as Greenland halibut), and it was a tad mushy and mildly flavoured, but nonetheless a decent, and cheaper, alternative to haddock.

3 Responses to “Spice-fried Carrots and Spuds”

  1. organikal Says:

    Hooray. I have an excess of carrots and spuds this week. A perfect recipe even my 9 yr old will love. Thanks!

  2. gastropunk Says:

    No problem, hope this recipe helped shift the veg mountain from the fridge to your 9 yr old’s stomach…

  3. Kent Girl Says:

    Great to see another way to use up carrots.

    Am I the only person to have two drawers in the fridge full of carrots complete with authentic Riverford mud. We are a family of four but still can’t cope with the large quantities of carrots that seem to build up without my noticing! There’s only so much carrot cake I can make…

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