Mushrooms in breadcrumbs

September 13, 2007

Mushrooms fried in breadcrumbs 1

Last night Maths Chick was out galivanting and I was left in peace to watch England’s Euro qualifier against Russia on the box. I had a half bottle of decent Burgundy and fancied a dish of something crunchy and salty to chase it down while I gawped at the footie. These shallow-fried breadcrumbed mushrooms fitted the bill nicely.

1. Cut your button mushrooms in half, or leave whole if they’re very small.

2. Whisk an egg in one bowl, season it. Lay out some fine breadcrumbs on a plate next to it.

3. First, dip the mushrooms in the egg, shake off the excess and roll them in the crumbs until they’re well coated.

4. In a frying or saute pan heat about half an inch depth of sunflower oil. It’s hot enough if it sizzles when you dip in one of the ‘shrooms.

5. Fry until golden and crisp on one side, then turn over. When they’re done, fish ’em out on to some kitchen paper.

6. Put in a bowl, scatter over some more salt and pepper, and serve immediately with lemon wedges.

You could vary this by including some cubes of camembert prepared in the same way, maybe accompanied with a dollop of redcurrant jelly, in 80’s bistro fashion. This would transform it into a retro-classic, a bit like the current England line-up (4-4-2, Owen and Heskey up front, Terry Venable’s hair-do).

Mushrooms fried in breadcrumbs 2

6 Responses to “Mushrooms in breadcrumbs”

  1. amalee issa Says:

    I can’t believe Heskey is still around, as my heart’s delight describes him as a big donkey. Always falling over his own legs. Off to sainsburys in a bit to get some mushrooms, to try this!


  2. Joanna Says:

    Sounds as if you had a completely blissful evening, what with the food, the footy and the nostalgia!


  3. BB's Richard Says:

    what, no mention of the glorious Scottish triumph? I’m off to deep fry some haggis…

  4. gastropunk Says:

    Congrats to Scotland for a legendary victory in Paris. Congrats to England for finally playing like a team and beating the Ruskies good’n’proper. Congrats to the great donkey Heskey for playing a blinder. Hurrah for the great U of K, let’s enjoy it while it lasts… today’s victories are tomorrow’s nostalgia…

  5. Maths Chick Says:

    I love the fact that when I am out galivanting you suddenly decide to try all these scrumptious dishes! I was salivating at work, finding out what you had been doing all evening. Sigh. xxx

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