Beetroot Soup

November 3, 2007

Beetroot soup

We celebrated Hallowe’en this year with a blood-red bowl of spicy beetroot soup. The really scary bit happened the following day when it had worked its way through our systems…

Gastropunk’s Beetroot Soup

Ingredients: beetroot, pumpkin or squash, carrots, garlic, ginger, Panch Poran (an Indian mixture of five whole spices and seeds), stock (beef or vegetable), lemon, oil and butter, seasoning

1. You’ll need beetroot, pumpkin or squash and carrot in a ratio of roughly 2-1-1 (I used 3 beetroot, 2 carrots and quarter of a small pumpkin). Peel and chop into chunks. Finely chop a couple of cloves of garlic and a small knob of ginger.

2. Heat a glug of oil (not olive) and a small schlep of butter and gently fry the garlic and ginger for half a minute. Add 1 teaspoon or so of Panch Poran and cook for a minute longer, allowing the spices to release their aromatic flavour. Add the chunks of vegetable and continue to saute gently for a few minutes, stirring regularly.

3. Add enough stock to cover the veggies, bring to the boil and leave to simmer for about an hour.

4. Once the veggies are soft, blitz everything thoroughly and check the seasoning. I found it benefitted from a generous addition of both salt and pepper. A squeeze of fresh lemon at the end adds a citric balance to this sweet, spicy soup. You may also need to add some more water or stock if the soup is too thick.

5. Serve with a swirl of double cream or a spoonful of yoghurt.


7 Responses to “Beetroot Soup”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Fab photo!


  2. wheatlessbay Says:

    The first year that I lived on the Canadian prairies I made borscht; being surrounded by all those Ukrainian farmers was somehow inspiring. Anyway, two days later I panicked, thinking that I was bleeding internally. Silly girl!

    Oh, lookie, fireworks out my window! Guy Fawkes obviously still inspires The Council.

  3. gastropunk Says:

    Wheatless, it seems local councils love putting on huge firework displays, which is all good – but the bonfire and the ritual burning of the guy seems to be out of favour these days – at least if our local Haringay event is anything to go by. perhaps a combo of health and safety and political correctness has put paid to the traditional immolation of Mr Fawkes and his conspirators, which is a shame as that always used to add a wonderfully macabre edge to the occasion.

  4. stratfordgirl Says:

    I really like this photo!

  5. Eleanor Says:

    You’ve never felt fear until you’ve seen a bare bottomed baby produce a beetroot poo – Lord I thought a vital organ was falling out…

  6. Pamela Says:

    Got given a sack of beetroot this year so have made this recipe about 6 times! We still like it, despite the repetition!
    Don’t know what Panch Poran is but a teaspoon on Pataks Curry Paste does the trick nicely! Home grown chillis add sparkle, too!
    Thanks for a great recipe!

  7. […] Veg Box Diaries has a wonderful recipe here for a spiced beetroot soup. You must make sure your beets are small and fresh, they’ll be sweeter and less woody meaning […]

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