Faster than the human eye

Derbyshire lad moved to the big smoke. Loves cats, Dylan, London, Spain, old things, hollandaise sauce, mountains. Life ambition: to learn to tickle trout.

By day: a freelance web developer and falafel-snaffler.

Maths chick

Marking homework

Essex girl done good. Loves little puppies, pink shoes, scrabble, otter spraints, cuddly toys, butter, new hobbies. Life ambition: to join the TA.

By day: a maths teacher in a posh school out West London way.


31 Responses to “Brought to you by…”

  1. crzy_rgntnn Says:

    “Adventures with an organic veg box”…


    • noun 1 an unusual, exciting, and daring experience. 2 excitement arising from or associated with danger or risk.

    Oh, well, I guess I will have to learn a bit of cooking to keep in touch with you… (or at least read about it!)

    You are lovely, T. I will miss you loads.
    Hope you and C. come and visit me in Argentina one day.


  2. vegboxdiary Says:

    We’re all going to miss you here 😦
    It’s a sad day indeed. Good luck with your new life in Buenos Aires – I’ll keep up with your adventures through your photos on flickr. I’ll definitely call in on you and Frederico on my way to Tierra del Fuego… one day…
    Hasta luego,

  3. FactoBrunt Says:

    Just come across your blog; we’re also getting the Riverford Veg box and struggling with organic overload from our regular Wednesday small-box delivery, Google pointed us at you for Hispi Cabbage recipes 🙂 Reckon I’ll ambush your RSS feed I think 🙂

  4. gastropunk Says:

    Ambush away, good to have you on board!

  5. guffsbear Says:

    Snap on finding you via Hispi Cabbage google!

    Hoping my weekly small box delivery will be a lot easier to handle with you guys firmly in my favourites… 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  6. babylemonade Says:

    So happy to have found your blog courtesy of Guy’s weekly newsletter. Our Riverford box is also an adventure hitting major peaks and troughs along the way. For example, this week we are having sauteed pork with apricots served with griddled pear and tomato salad with spinach pesto (yay! got in loads of veggies and fruit in one hit! Don’t know if it will work….) At some point there will probably also be a cabbage construction served with oven chips…..Highs and lows but never boring. I was intrigued to read about the broad bean pod recipe, I hate that mountain of waste. But I’m a little scared of it, can it really taste so good?? Will be back xx

  7. gastropunk Says:

    Griddled pear and tomato salad? Now that’s tickling the taste-buds … Let me know how it goes!

  8. Leo Says:

    I’m sad – I’ve just gone t hrough my boxes – cheerfully delivered to me at work and realised I have double ordered on lettuce! Now what? …. and the fridge broke down last night as well under a fatal dose of heat stroke.

    Now if only I had some pears!

  9. gastropunk Says:

    Er…lettuce soup, lettuce risotto, stuffed lettuce leaves, lettuce braised in white wine with cream… er…give some to your neighbours and get a bottle of wine in return (thanks to spinning jenni for the idea..)…get a rabbit…give some to your boss and get ahead in the next round of promotions…the possibilities are endless…

  10. gastropunk Says:

    babylemonade, the broad bean pod puree is good in small doses – i think plenty of butter and nutmeg helps. it needs eating quickly or it goes an off-putting grey-green colour. why not give it a go? see what you think…

  11. babylemonade Says:

    Leo, lettuce soup is yummy and supposed to help you sleep if you eat enough of it. You could make loads and freeze it for use as a natural sedative!
    Haven’t got to the pear salad thing yet. Fantastic plum sauce with duck on Sat (Fireman Sam loved it too, we didn’t tell him we were eating quack quacks, not yet). Not so nice redcurrant and raspberry beer sauce with lamb yesterday, redcurrants too sour. Seems to be a meat and fruit week.
    Hoping for broad beans, will definitely try the pod thing…..still a bit scared…

  12. margesimpson Says:

    loved the veg box they pointed me to you and then you pinted me to thr riverford meat site ,thankyou thankyou ,im now in meat and veggie heaven, sausages and bacon out of this world !!! you recipes are great and the blog a good laugh keep it up.

  13. Scorpiostar Says:

    A confirmed Riverford fan, I’m finding your recipe suggestions invaluable. Still searching for something to do with the rather large bag of what appeared to be beetroot leaves that arrived last week!

  14. Simoon Says:

    Hi – I love this blog! I thought that our site may be of interest to you and your readers… it’s a people populated veg box directory, the idea is that if you like a scheme then you can add its details to the list so others can enjoy – I think it’s ‘fingers-up’ to tesco!

    Please sign-up your schemes!

  15. gastropunk Says:

    scorpiostar, i think the beetroot leaves you received are swiss chard. we’ve got a big bag of ’em too. You can cook them like spinach, although they generally need a tad longer on the heat. If the stalks are big, you can cut them off and cook them seperately. Try steaming them first, then covering them in cheese sauce and bunging them under the grill. there’s also a recipe for chard and sausage pie on this blog. one of my favourite veggies actually…

  16. gastropunk Says:

    simoon, good luck with the new site. just had a quick look at it and will return to explore in more detail later. love the idea behind it – can’t believe it hasn’t been done before (or maybe it has?)…

  17. silversprite Says:


    I couldn’t find an email address. My blog address (listed on your blogroll) has changed, and is now:


  18. Love the blog. Only just found you, but it looks great.

    We’re new to this.


    All Season Gardener

  19. […] a brighter note, my very good friend Maths Chick (she of The Veg Box Diaries fame, and one of the few people in the real world I’ve told about […]

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  23. Vegetarian Says:

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