Maths Chick goes solo

September 17, 2007

Maths Chick has started her own vegetable-free personal blog. Featuring wasp attacks, ingrowing toenails, her new job in a posh school and her mum’s struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, it’s funny and moving, and not for the faint-hearted.


There’s a compelling ‘farmer’s eye’ view of the latest outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease on mopsa’s blog.

Veg Box Schemes

September 28, 2006

Veg Box Schemes is a new site worth taking a look at. Launched only a week ago, it’s an online directory of UK veg box schemes. At the moment, it’s pretty much empty – they’re asking for anyone who gets a box to write a review of it. The more people contribute, the more useful the site becomes.

Here’s what Simon and Jos say about why they built this site…

“…what really encouraged us in building this site was news that some of the better know supermarkets were launching their own schemes this year. How can a supermarket attempt to enter a market that exists to counter the very symptoms of its policy?

I order a box each week to support my local producer and cut out the supermarket, so why on earth would I want my box to come from the supermarket and do they really think the consumer will fall for the spin. That by simply using boxes instead of carrier bags we will be duped.”

Goddam those pesky supermarkets.

But for a slightly different take on the ethics of supermarket shopping check out this article from Guardian Unlimited.

Organic allotment blog

September 7, 2006

Post-holiday resolution #3: to stop navel-gazing and start checking out some of the other foodie/organic/London blogs out there.

Jane Perrone’s Horticultural is one I’ve been enjoying recently. It takes me back to my organic allotmenteering years as a Smiths-loving, CND-badge-wearing 6th former back in the 80’s.

Reading this blog is a great way of getting vicarious veg-growing pleasures without having to lift a spade or fill a watering can. And there’s no 2 year council waiting list either.

Some nice looking recipes, too. Dig for victory…