Not a photograph of meat

March 24, 2007

Blanched Leeks In A Sieve

Apologies to those of you who’ve been disturbed by the photo of a lump of raw meat that’s been hogging top spot here for the last few weeks. Here’s a photo of vegetable matter instead. Blanched leeks. In a sieve. All wrinkly, slippery and slimey, awaiting their cheesy fate.



February 8, 2007

Shin beef

Boil ye up some lovely stewing beefe. Shinn is mighty goode. Let bubble softlie for halfe of ye hour.

Add a boiling fowle whych hast roamed free all itse mortal days. Also add ye, three or four fyne fat leeks. Leave all to stewe at a temperate heate for three hours or until ye fowle is soft and wont to fall off ye bone. Season most generouslie.

Cook a Leekie

Ten minutes before serving, and when all is cooked, remove ye olde leeks from the pot and cast out. Throwe in 3 fresh leeks, sliced fine, and a goodly handful of prunes, which ye have previously soaked in clear, sweete water.

Remove the fine boiled meats from ye broth, divide into goodly chunks, return to pot, and serve all with fine crusty breade. And may God preserve ye from the pox.