Juicing a water melon
Maths chick has a new kitchen toy. And, as you can see, it’s making her mighty happy. It’s a natty Moulinex juicer and promises to solve our regular Thursday evening rotting-fruit-mountain crises. This beast can reduce a mighty water melon to a couple of glasses of sweet red nectar in the flick of a switch, removing the pips at the same time. Not only that, it can handle beetroot, parsnip, pears, apples – anything hard and juicy that a blender would just turn to a viscous mush. Then it’ll clean the kitchen, polish your shoes and iron your shirt for the morning.

The water melon juice on its own was nice – sweet and unassuming. I thought it needed an edge adding with a squeeze of citrus, a few mint leaves, and a pinch or two of ground ginger. Being a self-confessed simple lass Maths chick preferred it pure and unadulterated.

The only problem is the potential for having a domestic about who’s going to wash-up the contraption, which comes apart into several thousand individual components. Each one of them impossible to clean without the aid of a high-powered jet-wash. Guess what’s next on our ecologically-unsound kitchen appliance wish-list.