Home-made marmalade

March 28, 2007

Making Marmalade

Making your own marmalade is a pain the arse, yes, but a glorious pain in the arse. It took me the best part of a long afternoon to weight it all out, slice and dice the fruit, bag the pips, boil it all up until the mystical setting point is acheived. But the result of this painstaking alchemy is pure orange. Even me old mum, rightly proud of her own home-made marmalade (out of a tin, add water and sugar, boil to buggery) had to admit defeat in a tense breakfast taste-off.

But the best thing about it all is inspecting the pert little row of newly-filled jars, all glistening in the afternoon sun, proud to be a jar of British Marmalade – happy with their destined lot to grace a British breakfast table. Toast and home-made, thick-cut, Seville Orange Marmalade – the breakfast of heroes.