It’s very exciting to discover a great foodie shop on your doorstep. On the way back from work yesterday I got off the bus at an earlier stop than normal to check out Just Natural at the bottom of Muswell Hill. We’d noticed this place walking past before, mainly because it had a sign outside advertising ‘Ffair trade’ products and wondered whether Arkwright from Open All Hours had opened an organic store.

It’s bigger than it looks from outside with shelves stacked with conscience-massaging goodies. Most excitingly it stocks genuine soil-association certified meat from Graig Farm in Wales. I bought a pack of chicken livers for a salad for dinner, taking advantage of Maths chick being out for the evening to indulge my offal obsession. Graig Farm could be a possibe answer to the on-going quest for quality, free-range rare-breed pork. They got some damn-happy looking pigs.

Discovering this organic emporium just down the road has prompted me to consider trying an experiment I’ve been thinking of doing for a while: buying 100% organic food for a month. How much would this cost? Is it possible? Would we have to change our diet to acheive it? Would we have the discipline to completely change our buying habits for over four weeks?

What do you think? Is this possible? Would it cost too much? Anyone fancy joining us with this experiment?